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What to avoid while writing persuasive essays

Essays can be quite tricky to write, since they appear to provide students and writers with enough freedom as to actually express their own ideas and to put their creativity at work, but at the same time they still have to follow the rules of the academic writing (style, citations, format, language, and so on).

Persuasive essays can be definitely among the trickiest types of essays out there because it is very easy to fall into exaggeration with them. Advertisers and copywriters know this best: it is easy to be unoriginal, even if your core idea is actually unique. If you want to avoid the most dreaded mistakes when writing persuasive essays, follow the next tips and tricks:

  1. Never undermine the power of words. Words are actually extremely powerful and when it comes to a persuasive essay, you should make sure that you choose the right ones. Even words that may seem synonymous will have different connotations for the readers, so do make sure to take this into consideration no matter what.
  2. Never undermine the power of the academic writing rules. Follow the guidelines very carefully and pay a lot of attention to how you cite your sources. Remember that using an idea that does not belong to you and not citing it correctly can make your entire paper appear plagiarized – and that is definitely something you will not want when it comes to academic writing.
  3. Start your essay with a strong statement that will catch your reader’s attention. It has been shown that most of the people out there do not actually remember the body of an essay or article, but that they do remember the very beginning and the conclusion. Thus, make sure to start and end your entire essay in full force!
  4. Following the same idea described above, make sure to include the least powerful arguments somewhere in the middle of your essay, since it will be less likely for the reader to actually remember them there.
  5. Avoid being too sentimental or too attached to the subject. Yes, attachment is necessary when writing essays, but make sure that you do not become so attached as to make your reader see you as completely biased or unreliable. To avoid this, it is sometimes better to include a counter-argument in your essay as well, so that the reader sees you as a reliable writer.

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