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Learning And Memory

The mind is an incredible thing. It is literally a living computer that stores every memory you have. In fact it uses all of your memories in the subconscious and conscious to generate dreams as it stores memories from the short term part of your memory to the long term part. It also has great recall when tactile learning is involved.

When you sleep the brain begins to transfer all of the data that you gained that day including sights and sounds and people and facts into your long term memory. This is why sleep is so important to proper learning. If you sleep then your brain is able to process the information from your studies and your note taking and store it for the long term. If you do not sleep or you do not sleep enough it interferes with this process the same as if you are trying to transfer information from a USB drive to your computer and pull it out before the process is done.

The brain stores the face of every person that you have ever passed on the street. When you dream the setting of your dream is a place that you have seen either in person or in a television show. It is molded from the memories you have. The same is true of objects and people in your dreams. While you may not be able to place a person you saw in your dream it was someone that you have seen either consciously or unconsciously at some point in your life. This is what often leads to the conscious feeling that you have seen that person before and yet you cannot place them.

The brain also has better recall when the tactile learning responses are integrated. That means that you will recall the details of a book better when you hold the physical book in your hand and turn the pages rather than swiping the pages on a tablet device. Your brain will actively recall the notes that you take in class if you copy them down on a new sheet of paper rather than just review the powerpoint and stare at it over and over at all. Overall the brain is a fascinating organ that can improve learning through many things. It has the ability to store every piece of information that you have ever learned and retrieve it later. With enough sleep and the incorporation of tactile responses you can achieve anything.

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