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How To Be A Good Essay Writer: An Effective Manual

Writing essays are major part of school and college among other parts of life therefore it is necessary to know how to write a good one. With this article I wish to explore what makes an essay a good one. I want to look at what are the basic parts of an essay and the qualities that make it good. The parts I want to look at are these.

  • The Introduction
  • The Body
  • The Conclusion
  • Qualities

The Introduction

To begin with I will look at the introduction every essay must have a beginning and this is where it starts. A good introduction will begin by informing the reader of the topic to be discussed. It will also begin by breaking down what directly will be looked at. It will finish the introduction by speaking about how the essay will conclude with a call to action. Before any of that a good heading is also necessary to draw in the reader and attract their attention.

The Body

The second part of a good essay or really any essays primary part is the body. This is the meat of essay where whatever the essay is about is elaborated on and broken down into the finer points of the discussion. The body is the most important part of the essay and as such should be of the highest quality. Depending on the intended length of an essay the body should be broken into numerous paragraphs dependent on the topics that need to be addressed as the central issues of the essay. For example in an essay about fruits the body may be broken down into different fruits that can be looked at with any information necessary to fill the paragraph concerning that particular fruit.

The Conclusion

The final portion of an essay is called the conclusion. This is where the essay ends by wrapping up the discussion that was held in the body of the essay and then making final remarks with a call to action. The call to action is an attempt by the writer to have the reader put the information of the essay to good use and make changes necessary based on what was learned from the essay.

The Qualities

The qualities of a good essay are its composure, the information, and the depth. For the composure the essay must be broken down into the three main sections of the introduction, body, and conclusion so that there is a structure to the essay that can be followed. The information must be useful and related to the primary topic at hand. The last part the depth is how deep the information is rather than how shallow and useless it may be so that that the reader actually takes something away from the essay.

These have been the primary factors that enter in to making a successful and informative essay that is well structured. When forming an essay it would be constructive and beneficial for the writer to follow these instructions and success will be certain.

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