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How to Write a Simple Essay: Format Hints You Can't Skip

Essay assignments have become more and more popular at schools. They help students master their critical thinking and writing skills. It is impossible to prepare even a simple essay if you do not understand the subject. Therefore, when students are working on essays, they study efficiently and try to remember the general ideas better.

Essay writing is a learnable skill, so everyone can prepare a paper and receive a good grade. Follow the format hints below and make your essay better.

Hint 1: Remember the Structure

The essay is readable if it is broken into several parts, such as an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The number of paragraphs should be limited to the amount of your main points. It helps make a piece of text readable. Different sections should flow in a logical manner so that the reader can easily grasp the meanings.

Every single paragraph should have a proper structure, such as:

  • A statement that explains the main idea of the paragraph.
  • An explanation that tells the reader why the statement is solid.
  • Explanations of why the text you’ve written is important.
  • Examples are necessary to specify and support your idea.

Hint 2: Prepare an Essay Plan

Many students start writing the paper without a plan. This is a big mistake that leads to hours of unnecessary work. The plan describes an essay’s structure and indicates places where more information should be provided. Besides, if you have an essay outline, it is easier to stick to one style throughout the paper.

Try to make a plan according to the paragraph structure described above. Therefore, you will have done half of the work already.

Hint 3: Do Not Edit While You Write

While you write the text, you focus on either a flow of thoughts and details, or grammar and spelling. It is close to impossible to do both at the same time. Therefore, it is recommended to write the whole text first before you start revising and editing.

If you have plenty of time before the submission date, it is a good idea to take a break and do other assignments. Later, come back to the essay and you will easily notice little mistakes you have not seen before, such as using the wrong formatting or any misprints.

Even if you do not have the leisure to read the essay carefully, spend several minutes you do have; there is a good chance that you will improve the text. Read your essay in your head or aloud, and make sure it flows well.

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