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Psychology in Learning and Teaching

Students have diverse level of competence, want to learn different things, demonstrate uneven abilities to learn. The parents know their children better, than school teachers. However, adults often do not understand how to help them learn better. An educational psychologist is a professional who can develop therapeutic and behavioral programs that support kids, parents, teachers and other people engaged in the school learning and teaching. These specialists are concerned with educational and mental development of students. Learning difficulties and emotional problems are solved through advising, supporting, persuading and negotiating with all the parties involved.

Children cannot communicate as effectively as adults do; they often do not get the ideas and concepts, demonstrate poor results and worry about the situation. They say nothing to their parents and the class teacher, but become less confident and withdraw into themselves. Therefore, when children experience difficulties in studying, they often have social adjustment issues. Educational psychologists have special knowledge and can work with students to bring positive changes. Educational assessment methods are widely used, the most popular techniques include psychological testing and interviews; they are helpful to determine the problem scope. Phycologists compare every individual with the normal child development characteristics and can define the deviations. A separate field of their interest is educating children with special needs.

Educational psychology focuses on how students learn, think and remember information. It studies how children develop mentally while they interact with others in class and think over the learning material at home. Different environments can be used to enhance the ability to remember more facts and understand the concepts better. It is important to notice that educational materials and techniques should be appropriate for a certain age group. Yet sometimes children can solve advanced problems, but cannot remember the multiplication table. In such a case, a phycologist along with the teachers should find the way to present the material in another form.

Teachers also benefit from educational psychology knowledge, mainly in two aspects. The first one refers to increasing the teaching efficiency, for instance considering individual differences, developing an appropriate teaching and learning process in a group, usage of effective methods of study, monitoring of the students’ mental health, etc. The second aspect has to do with application of learning and teaching principles and methods. Teachers should develop a proper timetable that includes co-curricular activities as well. Sport games, field trips, debates and competitions improve child’s ability to learn and make the process more exiting.

So, psychology in learning and teaching is a power tool that makes the learning process easier and helps to achieve the desired results. If something goes wrong and a child demonstrates poor performance, educational psychologists can improve the situation and ensure a proper social development.

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