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What Makes A Society Deeply Divided?

There are many issues that is causing American society to be deeply divided based on race and class. There are many major causes for society being deeply divided in the 21st Century due to the media and politicians. Many people have the notion that the mass media has used major issues like police brutality, hate crimes, and race relations to keep society divided. Also, politicians love to cause controversy when it comes to their disdain for President Obama of the USA.

Here are a few reasons why society continues to be deeply divided:

  1. Race relations.
  2. Police brutality against blacks.
  3. Welfare.
  4. President Obama.
  5. Affordable Care Act.
  6. Class Racism.

Society will always be divided pertaining to race relations and police brutality against blacks. It has always been a major issue when it comes to Whites and Blacks interacting with each other in certain situations. Also, police brutality against blacks has been a major issue in the Black community throughout the 20th Century and now into the 21st Century. Many Blacks feel that police are taught to believe and fear young black men and that any young black who is stopped by police is a criminal. In the past few years, there have been incidences where young black men have been killed by white officers for just being Black. The stereotype that all Black Men are dangerous needs to be put to an end and it is time to realize that the most dangerous person out there is a white police officer with a gun. There have been some incidences where black police officers have been killed by fellow white police officers. Society will always be divided pertaining to race relations and police brutality against blacks.

Two other issues that keep the country divided is welfare and Affordable Care Act. The top 10% of the richest individuals in America have this belief that everyone has to work hard to get what they need to survive in America economically. The upper 10% of society has the lower 85% of society believing that no one deserves a hand-out and they are poor due to their own doing. Upper 10% of society have this notion that just like them everyone else has to work hard in order be successful in life. But, the individuals that receive the must handouts from the US government are the upper 10% of society. This is what you call class racism when one class of individuals do not want anyone to have the same benefits and privileges they have.With these six major issues, society will continue to be divided based on race and class.

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