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Amazon is an American commerce electronic company with its head offices in Seattle, Washington. In United States, Amazon is the leading supplier of internet-base. Amazon was initiated as an online bookshop but after sometime, it advances on electronics and software supplies. Amazon has recently developed into international company with various website retails all over Europe and Asia.

Amazon was established by Jeff Bezos in July 4, 1994. Jeff resigned his job as the vice-executive of a Wall Street firm, D.E. Shaw & Co and left for Seattle. Bezos started to implement his business plan that eventually led to establishment of the Amazon.com.

Incorporation of Amazon

The company was initially incorporated as Cadabra.com. However, Jeff modified the name to Amazon.com because he felt that Cadabra.com sounded like dead body. Furthermore, Jeff Bezos preferred a name that started with letter ‘A’ because it would appear first in any alphabetized list.

Bezos chose the name Amazon from the dictionary. Amazon was an exotic and different place just as he wished his store to look like. The fact that River Amazon is the world largest river and Bezos had planned to make his store the leading store in the world, Bezos choose Amazon. Amazon website appeared online for the first time in 1995.

After Bezos read a report on internet future regarding the annual growth of the web commerce, he developed a twenty products list that could be sold online. Bezos narrowed the list to five products; computer hardware, compact discs, computer software, books and videos. Finally, bezos made up his mind to supplies books online because of high demand for literature books in international market.

Success of Amazon

Within the first two business months, the company had sold books to all fifty states of America. During that period, Amazon sales reached twenty thousand dollars a week. The Amazon online stores could stock several times the number of books in largest mortar and brick stores.

Amazon did not reach profitability very fast a fact that made stockholder to rise complains that the company was not justifying the amount invested. However, in twenty first century, when dot-com bubble ventured in online business resulting to collapse of many e-companies, Amazon continues to exist. Amazon grew past the burst of the dot-com bubble and developed into the leading online business.

Amazon finally made its first revenue in 2001, on revenues above one billion dollars. Amazon profit margin proved to doubters that Bezos business model could triumph. Time magazine, in 1999 named Bezos the entrepreneur of the year, recognizing the success of the company in popularizing online business.

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