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Two sides of the same story

We all have heard of the famous phrase “two sides of the same coin” or “two sides of the same story”, which is, indeed true. Every story that we hear, every act that we see, every situation that we face, has two sides or perspectives. One is the apparent side, that we are seeing and the other is the one that is usually hidden.

There can be many things that fall under this context. One cannot simply believe what he hears or sees before seeing the other side of the story too. Two people can see the same animal, piece of clothing, or read the same book but have different opinions about it. Similarly, if decisions were to be made by seeing or hearing one side only, then there would be no justice. Even in the court of law, the process is completed only after both parties have explained and justified their stance. The judge will only announce his decision after both parties have supported their stance. The accused individuals are given a chance to speak for themselves so that everyone gets a chance to explain their side of the story. Let’s consider a situation to elaborate the topic better. A person A is having severe headache and tells his friend B not to disturb him, as he is having a really bad day. B, on the other hand, goes to A and starts talking about a recent movie he has watched. A interrupts B, many times and tells him that it is not a good time to talk. But, B won’t listen. At some point in the story, they both get into an argument and A starts shouting at him. C enters the room when A is shouting and thinks badly of him. C starts to defend B and tells A to hold his horses. Outraged at this biased behavior “A” shouts on top of his voice and asks them both to leave the room at once. The situation here got worse, because C did not bother to listen to A’s side of story. Things would have been much smoother, only if C calmed A down and listened to his side of the story before showing any reaction.

There are two sides of every story and everyone has to consider both ends before coming to a conclusion. Whenever we come across any situation, we should look for both sides of the story and then come to a decision.

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