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Does Art Education Prepare For The Art World?

Not everybody can be an artist and, ultimately, not everybody should be an artist. Those who want this though will have to face important challenges throughout their lives and especially at the beginning of their careers. Talent does matter and that is definitely not up to any kind of debate. Also, everybody agrees on the fact that you do need to put some considerable amount of effort into realizing something really great in the field of arts. As a matter of fact, many of the people out there advise on the 90-10 “golden rule” (90% effort and 10% talent). However, how important is art education for an artist? Do those who want to follow a career in this field have to obtain a diploma in the field or should they not worry about such matters? What is it that art education (at its official level) can bring into the life of a young artist, in the end? Wouldn’t a young artist be able to learn the things he/she needs on his/her own, without having to pay for the college tuition?

The truth is that yes, people can learn anything they put their minds to if they really want it even without the help of “official education”. However, college education can bring other things into one’s life. College education in the field of arts can definitely offer the students with a structured way of learning the most important things they have to know about the field in which they will be experts.

Even more, art education helps people receive valuable feedback both from their teachers/professors and from the classmates. This way, the student can permanently grow into something better and he/she can permanently improve his/her techniques. In art, same as with everything else, constructive criticism should be more than welcomed.

Last, but not least, college education in the field of art may help one create the connections necessary for the future. These relationships can be important both in the art world and outside of it and they can definitely help a young professional or artist make his/her way up into this world.

At the same time though, there may not be other things college art education offers its students with. In the end, the education itself (or the diploma for that matter) will not prepare anyone for the actual real-life in the art world, but it does increase the chances that it will be a better life.

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