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Tips for students: how to write an evaluation essay

Evaluation essay is the form of essay where a student has to see both sides of the topic and carefully analyze them before finally coming to a conclusion. At the end of the essay the student is supposed to evaluate both the sides and give his opinion based on logic and statistics. You must be able to provide evidence from your essay to be able to support your stance. In an academic career you will be asked more than once to writ an evaluative essay. The topics may differ but, the basic purpose and style of an evaluation essay stays the same.

Tips for students

  • Choose a topic
  • Choosing a topic for your evaluation essay is a critical step. Your topic must have two sides to it, so that you can carefully analyze both the sides and give an evaluation based on it. You can either get ideas from the internet about an evaluative topic.

    Brainstorming is a very helpful way of speeding up the thinking process and improving creativity. Take a pen and a paper in your hand and sit down with a calm mind. Start writing whatever comes to your mind and soon you will have a long list of topics to choose from

  • Make a thesis statement
  • After you have successfully selected a topic the next step is to develop a thesis statement. It is the summary of your entire essay and gives direction to your essay. You show the reader what is your essay based upon and how will you proceed with the topic

  • Identify your subject
  • The subject of your essay is very important to be explained and identified in the beginning. You have to tell your readers what is the area of your interest and what is your essay based upon. If it is a movie, you need to tell your readers the background, the story, the characters and other things, so that it becomes easier for them to understand the context of your essay.

  • Select criteria
  • Before you actually start evaluating your subject, you must have clear criteria in your mind. You need to know the basis of your evaluation and how you will rate a certain characteristic

  • Give examples
  • Support your evaluation and critique with examples. Try to give real life examples that are easier to understand and the reader can relate to them

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