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Discuss the health issue (and programs coverage of it) in relation to how it is understood in scholarly and academic material

It can be extremely hard for the victims of rape to regain the status of their former selves. This is mainly due the likelihood of the victim having to deal with numerous questions on the circumstances that necessitated the offence to happen. Victims have always been subjected to what many feel is a disgraceful process of trying to ascertain the authenticity of their claims to have been sexually assaulted. In the course of the process of examining the victims' status, in relation to the alleged act of sexual abuse, many victims opt to quit the whole process for fear of unknown. Their early quitting denies them the express legal recognition as victims of sexual assault. This further has an effect on the victim's future report on sexual abuse and others who might be simply ignored in retrospect to the victims quitting.

Male victims of sexual transgression have trouble disclosing the sexual abuse done to them. This mainly stems from the societal setup, where males are, usually, never expected to be victims of sexual abuse from women. The sexually assaulted male will find it difficult to talk to the public or anybody over the acts of sexual transgression committed on him. This makes it complex for the society to determine the veracity of the allegations by a male victim of sexual abuse. In most cases, victims may prefer to talk about their sexual abuse while they are very old, thus defeating the logic of them being real victims of sexual offence. To get full information from the male victim, exceptional confidence must be cultivated between the victim and the counselor or relevant institution he reports his ordeal.

Shame and guiltiness of the sexually abused victim causes mental torment to the victim. The victims of sexual abuse often shrink from inside on the thought that it happened, and people may know about it. It is very tormenting when it happens at a young age, thus requiring well thought out measures in order determine that indeed the person has been abused sexually. This kind of mental problem makes it difficult to establish the victim's status as an ideal victim of sexual assault. In Many cases, it takes time for victims to come forward. When a victim eventually gains confidence to disclose the act of sexual assault that happened to him or her, the evidence to prove that indeed the act was committed may have been distorted or even non-existent. Thus, it becomes impossible to be granted the legal redress on the sexual offence against them.

The contention in the society of what constitutes sexual offence has also posed a great challenge in dealing with the issue of victims of sexual abuse. Many cases of sexual abuse are not brought before courts due to the victims' perception that what happen to them do not qualify to be termed as sexual abuse. They only realize that they were legal offenses when taught what encompasses sexual abuse. Too many couples and those in relationships may take incidences of sexual assault as just normal issues in marriages and relationships. Hence, no need to take legal action. The issue of sexual offences between married couples is another hard nut to crack.

It has also been difficult on the part of male victims to publicly report incidences of sexual abuse by their female counterparts. Many of such cases have been in marriages and relationships. This has been advanced by the society being patriarchal in nature, in which men are not supposed to be victims of women sexual transgressions rather than vice versa. Men are seen as powerful, and in a position of protecting themselves and those around them. Women, conversely, are expected to be protected by the men, thus making it embarrassing for many men to come out and report that their women have assaulted them. It is hard for many people, for instance, to understand the issues of male rape by females due to the nature of the female's bodily physic. This makes it difficult for a male victim to gain the status of the ideal victim of sexual assault. Consequently, it becomes hard for the law to run its due course in remedying issues of sexual abuse of the males.

In any society, intimate relationships are treated as part of private matters not suitable for public scrutiny and regulation. It can arguably be said, therefore, that one of the purposes of establishing an ideal victim in sexual offence is opening up of the private matters between man and woman to public scrutiny and government intervention. Many men are of the viewpoint that making private matters subject of government regulation negates the spirit of the dichotomy between what is private and public life. To them the issues concerning sex should be left to be dealt with privately and not publicly. The nature of the society's perception on intimate matters influences its understanding of the cases of sexual abuse. This implies that some cases of sexual violence can be overlooked by the society, which denies the victim the express legal status of a sex offence victim.

There are further cases in which the women have been reported to opt to withdraw court cases against their sexually abusive husbands in the quest to save the family image. Such moves have curtailed the legal system from fully intervening in cases of sexual abuse in which the victim seems to be cooperative with the offender for their own perceived wellbeing. In such cases, it becomes difficult to establish if at all the victim ideally suits to be taken as an ideal victim of a sex offence. Furthermore, in such cases the there is nothing much the society and the judiciary can do since the sexual abuse is a private issue.

The nature and severity of the sex offence is also critical in the victim attaining complete legal status of a sex offence victim. For instance, many victims of cases of sexual harassment have failed to be seen as victims due to the essence of the alleged offence. Additionally, the subsequent traceable effects to the victim make it difficult to establish whether actually the offence really occurred. Victims of rape easily acquire the complete legal status of a sexual offence victim in contrast to the victims of sexual harassment. The severity and nature of the offence vary directly proportional to the likelihood to evidence, thus making victims of offences such a rape to easily gain the status of an ideal victim.

The law has also failed to define clearly what consented sexual encounter is. This makes it tricky to ascertain whether the alleged sexual offence act was voluntary or forceful. Furthermore, the gendering of law is another obstacle in attaining of express legal status to the victims of sexual abuse. The law tend be working to produce gender identities in matters of sexual abuse brings about discrimination in the application of the law to the victims of sexual abuse. Some women victims are denied legal protection while the others are granted, which perpetuates the definition and reinforcement of what gender roles are in sexual violence cases. This is evident in cases where there is evidence of sexual provocation the side of the victim. The case of sexual abuse in intimate relationships has become both a legal and social problem, thus making it complex to be understood in the purview of the ideal victim of a sexual offence.

Excessive withdrawal of the victim of sexual abuse, a sense of guilt paves way to withdrawal of the victim from the rest of the society. The victim may feel that everybody in the society is against him, making him or her hate or shy away from the public. An abused boy for instance, will always want to stay in the privacy, sleeping in the bedroom during the day or even running away from home. It is difficult for a sodomized teenage boy to want his conditions known to anybody, save for the perpetrator. Withdrawal can pose difficulties in trying to get concrete evidence from the victim on the status of the sexual assault, therefore, the need for tact and patience while dealing with the victim. Withdrawal is done in order to avoid the victim's condition being discovered by his family and members of the public, which poses a challenge in the abuse being discovered in good time for legal action. General in such cases, the sexual abuse is discovered later when time has elapsed and the evidence to qualify the status of an ideal victim of a sexual offence, no express legal status to the victim.


From the analysis of the program and the scholarly materials, it can be concluded that although an ideal victim exist in sexual offence, such status do not arise in every sexual offence. The societal perception is what greatly affects the definition of the victim as an ideal victim of a sexual offence. An ideal sexual offence is generally views as the vulnerable in the society, thus denying the non-vulnerable who fall victims of sexual abuse the status of an ideal victim of a sexual offence. And in so doing several factors such as age, gender, severity, marital status, time and reporting influences much if the victim will be viewed as an ideal victim of not. This paves room for exclusion of some victims from qualifying to be ideal victim of sexual abuse. Therefore, since the attaining ideal victim status is based on the societal perception of who can without doubt achieve the full legal status of being the victim in the public eyes, not every sexual offence has an ideal victim.

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