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How to brainstorm an interesting expository essay topic

Choosing a topic for an expository essay shall not bring you any trouble!

An expository essay is probably the easiest type of paper you will come across during your studying. Therefore, a topic even does not have any specific requirements. In the essay you will simply need to describe the process, event or concept. You don't have to compare, argue about or deeply research anything. Your job is only to present it, give the reader a general idea about it and make them see it the way you do. You shall choose something interesting, related to your subject and what you can find enough information about.

Still having troubles? Brainstorm your ideas!

In such situations when nothing at all comes to your mind, brainstorming the topic can make a serious improvement. Follow these steps and ideas will come to your mind themselves:

  1. Decide on the limits of your topic. Check your textbooks or notes to make sure which period or topics you are allowed to write on.

  2. Keep your subject in mind all the time. Write it down on a colorful piece of paper an keep in front of your eyes.

  3. Free-writing. Pick up a piece of paper and a pen and write everything that comes to mind regarding the possible topics. Something interesting you learned recently, an unexpected event, scene from a book or movie – basically anything that is stuck in your memory and can fit the profile.

  4. Underline the topics you have strong feelings about. No matter, bad or good, you shall care about your subject. If the topic matters something for you, you will want the people to see the best (worst) of it and will do your best to show it.

  5. Break the general points into smaller ones. Use bullet lists to widen each angle you can take on the problem. Pay attention to the possible topics you can expand the most – they will be the easiest to write about.

  6. Ask questions. Set the questions and write down the possible answers to your topic. Don't use books or internet – let your brain work. It will help you to find out the topic you know the most about.

  7. Check out the most recent events. It is better to write about something you can give relevant examples to and what is on the public minds nowadays. Also, this will help you to stay in the picture of what is going on around you.

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