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What you should include in your persuasive essay

When you are writing a persuasive essay, you need to start by critically evaluating the books, articles, etc… that you read during your research process. When you begin writing your persuasive essay, you need to make an argument. This argument has multiple components.

Side 1:

Make Your Claim

Your job while writing is to make a claim. This is what you believe, your side of an argument. Your purpose is to persuade any reader that your claim is better than the alternative position.

Find Supporting Evidence

After you make your claim, you need to find supporting evidence to back it up. Create sub-points and sub-arguments in your paper.

Connect the Evidence

Once you list your sub-points and sub-arguments, you need to connect all of this evidence back to your original claim.

For example:

Claim: Raising minimum wage does not improve unemployment rates.

Supporting Evidence: When the cost of minimum wage is increased, employers who are looking to cut costs will be less inclined to hire more full time employees because it costs them more than it did in the past.

Sub-Argument: This causes employers to search for freelancer employees or part time employees, keeping unemployment high.

Connection: When it costs more to hire people, employees will hire fewer people. This means that raising minimum wage will encourage employees to stop hiring people, increasing the unemployment rates.

Side 2:

Once you have made your claim, you must focus on the opposition. No argument is one-sided. Therefore, you have to acknowledge that there is another side to your argument. You must state the rebuttal and concede to points that you are unable to refute.

For example:

Opposition: Earning more per hour does increase wages for full time employees.

Here you can choose to concede and agree that earning more per hour does increase wages for full time employees. Or you can make a rebuttal that the cost of living also increases, which makes the increased wages irrelevant economically.

As you write your paper, make sure you include high quality research. There is hardly ever “perfect data” available, but find the best you can. Expert testimony is good, as are statistics from scholarly research.

Overall, make sure your claim is clear. Tell the reader what facts you have to back your claim, and make sure every fact is connected to the original claim. Discuss any opposing arguments and either give a rebuttal or concede.

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