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The no-fail secrets to creating a college personal statement

It can be argued that writing a college personal statement is the easiest type of essay you will ever write. The argument goes that if you write about something you find really interesting or about which you are passionate, putting your thoughts into writing is easy. And so it is but the key to creating a great college personal statement is following these proven and time tested techniques.

  • choose the right topic
  • explain why it's important to you
  • have a fantastic opening paragraph
  • perform your personal statement

I've already touched on choosing the right topic. There are so many personal topics available but the key is finding one which really clicks with you. It doesn't matter whether this is a popular topic amongst other students or whether it's unique. What does it matter is how important the topic is to you, personally. This is not an essay where you stand back and observe in an objective way. This is a subjective piece of writing. This is all about you, about your interests, ideas and opinions. Make it personal. The reader should be able to learn a lot about you the writer simply by reading your personal statement.

But it's also important that you let the reader know why this particular topic is important to you. What is it about this topic which draws you to write about it? What experiences have you had in life which relate to this personal statement? This is an important part of your personal statement. The statement itself and why it means so much to you. Do not neglect this important part of your statement.

It's talked about in so many formats of writing. You must start with a bang. Take your time and work and rework your opening sentence. Remember you are competing with dozens if not hundreds of other students all writing their own personal statement. Make yours stand out from the rest by having a peach of an opening sentence.

And finally when you come to editing and proofreading your personal statement, don't sit there and read it silently in your head. Read it aloud. Perform it. Not only will this help you discover any typographical mistakes and repetition in your writing, it will enable you to get a sense of the flow and the motivation within your writing. If necessary do some editing.

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