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Bullying is a major cause of mental illness. Children who remain the victim of bullying during their childhood suffer through different sort of mental illness later on in their adulthood and those children who remain involved in bullying others also suffer the adverse effects of bullying on their personalities later on in their adulthood. Bullying is a mal behavior in which a child tries to impose his/her dominance over other child or children forcefully. The children who involve in bullying generally suffer from imbalance in their control of power. They cannot channelize their social or physical power in a proper or normal way.

There are greater chances of bullying in places where children are present in groups. School, parks, and different play places, where children get together for any common activity can be the most suitable places for bullying. Bullying should be prevented by using the best possible means. Families can keep a check and balance on their children and they can save their children from becoming the victim of bullying and parents can also punish their children who are involved in bullying behavior. Not only punishment is the solution, but parents should pay proper attention toward this odd behavior of their children and they should seek for the proper treatment or behavioral measures in order to secure the future of their son or daughter. Most of the times, male children are involved in bullying. Parents must keep an eye on the children whom they seem have the tendency towards bullying. Secondly, the school settings, most of the bullying takes place at schools, so the teachers should report against the students who are involved in bullying. Reporting and preventing bullying is very necessary because the effects of the bullying on the mental health of child are very threatening and adverse. The children can suffer from the neuroticism, loneliness, anxiety, depression, and physical injury as well. The children involving in bullying or the victims of bullying can develop anti-social personality traits and avoiding personality traits respectively. The grades of the children who suffer from bullying can also get affected.

We should devise as many ways out to stop bullying as we can. The parents, teachers, peers, bystanders, relatives, ideals of children, they all can play a vital role on preventing the bullying which will be considered as great contribution from their side to safe the future of the children and a great help in securing children from suffering from any mental health problems.

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