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How to Compose a Proper Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay aims to create a vivid picture of a place, person, or some other thing. It consists mostly of detailed descriptions of the object in question. In order to produce a good descriptive paper, a writer must engage all the reader’s senses. Your ultimate goal when writing this essay is to create a description so vivid that people will feel like they’ve seen it with their own eyes once they finish reading.

Here is how you should go about composing a paper like this:

  • Understand what you are going to write about.

    At the initial stage of your work, you will need to find an object to describe in the essay. This will be your topic, so you need to think it through very carefully. Once you make the final decision, study the object closely. Decide on the most vivid qualities of it that you will describe in the paper.

  • Outline the paper and create the first draft.

    You need to draw up a plan for the essay, called an outline, in order to organize your thoughts and make writing easier. Use the outline as a blueprint for your paper, but do not try to follow it blindly. If you feel a stroke of inspiration while writing, you should follow it, even if it contradicts the predetermined plan.

  • Use appropriate language.

    Unlike any other type of essay that should be written in a clear and concise manner, descriptive essays require figurative language rich in metaphors and epithets. You may use a dictionary to find more interesting and “juicy” terms to describe some of the object’s qualities. However, try to avoid obsolete and obscure words that no one really knows.

  • Revise your draft.

    The revision stage for a descriptive essay can take as much time and work as writing the first draft. At this point, you will basically be rewriting the paper you already have to make sure that it is indeed perfect. Feel free to switch different paragraphs, cut some parts out, and add new ones. Bear in mind that every part of the essay must be connected to the others so that together, they will look like a single vivid picture.

  • Edit your essay.

    Once you have your content at its best, it’s time to perfect the shape. At the editing stage, you need to eliminate any grammatical, stylistic, and spelling errors. Be thorough when checking the paper for these mistakes, as it will be a shame to get a lower grade because of something so silly.

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