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The Main Stages Of Writing An Essay About Nature Vs Nurture

If you are writing an essay about “nature vs nurture” then first you have to keep that in mind that, this is a widely used topic, because scientists and researchers are still debating on this subject. So, it is important that the writing does not have any wrong explanation or careless mistake. As it is well known to everyone, it will also be judged thoroughly. But to make no mistakes you will also find many examples. You can find many papers on this topic. To gain knowledge on this topic, study those papers. When your research is done you will have a clear understanding of the debate of nature vs nurture.


The main idea of your essay should answer the following question: “what has the biggest impact: nature or nurture?” The thesis should be connected to the topic sentences which are described in the following. Use only one sentence to describe your thesis.


This part is to provide you with support, so that you can give evidence to your original idea.

Try to use only one sentence.

Describe your topic sentence 1 very clearly so that the readers can understand it easily.


Point form is used to identify the evidence you have provided.

The evidence should be very target specific which will support topic sentence 1.


Use only one sentence for transition.

Transitional sentences are used for concluding the argument and also to start the next argument. So, do not repeat those.

Like topic sentence 1, use as many topic sentences you want until you run out of arguments and evidences. Use every topic to support your main idea. But never use same evidences for different arguments. Always describe the topic sentences clearly and also use your evidences efficiently. And the transitional sentences should follow the same characteristics as described above. No matter how many transitional sentences appear, never repeat them. After you have stated all your arguments, you will still need to conclude your argument. While concluding the writing, summarize your entire argument into a few sentences. And finish it with a positive attitude towards your argument.

This is how you should write about the argument of nature and nurture. Follow the above steps very precisely. And you will have a formal and proper thesis paper about nature vs nurture. But while writing, along with the steps and methods of writing you should also keep a complete focus on your argument. Only then you can write a good paper.

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