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Strong Discursive Essay Topics: Top 20 Unique Ideas

Do you need to complete a discursive essay, but are finding it difficult to get some ideas that are worth going with? For a good quality topic that you can rely on for a top grade read the rest of this article. Even if you find the topics mentioned here not of interest, then at the very least you can use them for some inspiration. You’ll see that when you have selected a topic that is of interest, then you can begin to work on the project in a way that can achieve the top grade. Therefore, read on for top 20 ideas that you can count on if you wish to complete your discursive essay with style:

  1. Should obese kids be given more help to solve their problem?
  2. How can the difference between poor and rich be made smaller?
  3. Is the global warming problem real?
  4. What is the main cause for the crash of the housing market?
  5. What is the main cause for the popularity of mobile phones?
  6. How can we act so that endangered animals rise in population?
  7. What are the main roadblocks to entering higher education
  8. Why is there still racism in the world today?
  9. Why is the clothing industry such a big pollutant to the planet?
  10. How can education make us more aware of the global warming problem?
  11. Is the rise of megacities a good or bad thing?
  12. Is junk food a bad or good thing for society?
  13. Is higher education for everyone a good thing or a bad thing?
  14. Is there a way decrease the number of people taking drugs in society?
  15. Would the rise of online tutoring for students be a good thing?
  16. How can we change to become a better society?
  17. Should we destroy more trees for resources or less?
  18. Should we invest in space exploration or focus on world hunger?
  19. Should we explore the oceans or the caves?
  20. Should we attempt to create a base on Mars or not?

These are just some titles you can go with, and there are many more that you could think of if you give it some time.

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