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Early Medical Views on the Female Body

In early times in the field of medicine, women and their bodies were viewed as weak and prone to vices particularly sexual vices. They are also viewed as humorally more damp and cold, and that they are generally copies of the male organism. Also, doctrines released from Churches reveals that the pain, peril, and discomfort of women childbearing were effects of the sins of Eve against God.

Among the grave concern of medical practioners about the female body was their ability to perform menstruation. Menstruation has become a great concern to the medieval, classical, and also the Renaissance medical physicians and writers. Most modern anthropologists have cited that too much attention to the female menstruation is a source of various birth-positive cultures. Not only has that regular menstruation meant fertility, but also by the theory of humors, women’s too much buildup of the bodily wastes were flushed through regular monthly courses as a natural process of the female body. If these do not happen, the waste buildup might cause serious illness to women. Additionally, an older female who no longer have menstruation is posed with a grave safety concern since the excess wastes were thought to be able to harm men and sometimes young children and also others with whom she contacted with.

Another early medical view on the female body is their ability to conceive and of course to give birth to a new human being. Many medical writers and practioners experienced trouble with the basic anatomy of the female gynecological parts. Even though, few of them had very bright ideas of how the components subject to various actuals examination were performed, there were also lots of debates about the number of components the female uterus and any other important concerns of anatomy.

Some authorities firmly believed that semen released by males were the primary engenderers of the child, and most affirmed that the child was properly formed and cultivated from the female menstrual fluids and the male semen that were retained during female pregnancy. In other words, it was needed that both the woman and the man should be fully satisfied during the intercourse process for conception to properly occur. Additionally, fertility of females are also of major concern. This is because if females are not fertile during the intercourse process, pregnancy will less likely to happen even if there are enough fluids and semen during the process.

These are just few among the many medical views of the female body that were highlighted during early times. Many physicians focused their studies on the female body’s capacity to reproduce since the process is quite complicated and full of mystery and even today, the views about female conceiving a child is still a complex topic that requires various explanations and thorough studies.

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