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Effective Use Of Time

It is important for one to develop and establish effective time management strategies to balance and manage the conflicting time demands job hunting, earning money, leisure and study. Time management skills are not only important in job hunting but also for other life aspects. In some instances, it may seem that time is limited to accomplish everything you need to do and this can lead to the development of stress.

The moment you have identified means in which you can enhance one’s time management, you can start to adjust your patterns and routines of behaviour to cut on any time-related stress in your life.

Challenges and choices in effective use of time

The uniqueness of time as a resource is that everyone is provided with an equal amount (a gift of 24 hours daily). How you invest in time is a primary factor of how you perceive your life. You should view time as one of the tools in your exposure to achieve your goals. In a similar case to many tools, if you wish to employ time effectively it may call for practice, determination and training. Though the terminology time management is significantly used, in the real sense the time management does not exist.

Using time effectively depends on an individual’s management skills. Time flies at the same rate regardless of you deeds. You can’t slow or speed it up. In contrast to other manageable resources, there are no means of controlling time. The only best thing one can do is to manage yourself with respect to time framework, investing yourself in things and concerns that matter the most in one’s life.

Ways of effective use of time

Firstly, you have to learn how to set priorities. Setting priorities encompasses deciding and choosing what is crucial to you. Roles and activities that give meaning to your life are the parts and portions of one’s life where you most wish to prosper. Since there is no enough time in one’s lifetime and things will always compete for attention, you have to prioritise on what is most important as prioritising is an effective tool for the effective use of time.

Secondly, you have to learn how to set goals. Setting goal is the act of deciding where you wish to be at the end of a given period. Goal setting offers direction to your day, your morning, your week and your lifetime. Goals are just wishes until they are written down. You have to keep your goals realistic and precise to avoid continuous frustration from failure.

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