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San Francisco Earthquake 1906

The San Francisco Earthquake incidence of 1906 is one of the notable events in history. This was a massive shaking that resulted from an earthquake in San Francisco, California. Even though the Earthquake did not last for more than a minute, the immediate impact was very consequential. The quake lit a number of fires around San Francisco city and burned for a period of three blocks. Some of the notable recorded destructions included five hundred city blocks.

The City’s response and effects

Following the quake, the huge population of the military personnel in San Francisco responded quickly but it did not help a lot as the city was ruined. The fires and earthquake killed an approximate number of about three thousand people with about fifty percent of the four hundred thousand dwellers left without homes. A lot of help was brought into the country from different parts of the world though it was still a challenge for the survivors who went through a lot of challenges and difficulty moments. Those who survived managed to sleep in tents in the Presidio and in the city parks, and waited in long queues for food and did their cooking along the streets to reduce the threat of causing more fires.

The aftermath

Throughout history, this earthquake that occurred in San Francisco is recorded as one of the problematic disasters in the history of the United States. The US congress reacted to the situation in a number of ways. Again, the committees of the Senate Appropriations led by the House came up with emergency appropriations for the city to make payments for water, food, medical supplies, tents and blankets in the weeks that followed after the earthquake and allied fires. Funds were also appropriated for the reconstruction of the various public buildings destroyed by the incidence.

Other responses by the Congress included the facilitation of dealing with the claims from those who owned the damaged property. This was indeed a defining moment since nothing of such a kind had happened in the past and neither was there any written rules and regulations that would dictated what needed to be done, how and by who. A lot transpired and the loss of lives coupled with many others being rendered homeless was indeed traumatizing. The US congress worked tireless to put in place remedial measures both for that present moment and the future in the event such an event would occur.

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