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Why Miniature Poodles are the Best Pets

For many pet lovers, the miniature poodle dog ranks at the top of their most favorite home animals list. Besides being among the smallest dog breeds around the world, poodles posses a great combination of beauty and brains. This essay shall discuss the traits that make these adorable pets the best in their league as well as their subsequent benefits.

The first trait that makes miniature poodle dogs ideal is their size; they weigh between 15 -17 pounds and grow to a height of about 11-15 inches. Their size makes them an easy load hence suiting the pet lovers who enjoy travelling about with their pets and those who simply prefer holding their pets. Small sized pet dogs are also naturally disarming. Children tend to easily like small pet dogs such as poodles as compared to large pet dogs which they deem as intimidating. In addition to that, miniature poodles are a cute looking species; slim faced, furry and agile bodied.

Secondly, poodle dogs are renowned for their intelligent traits. No other breed from the dog family can outmatch a poodle dog’s ingenuity. Besides being fast learners, miniature poodle dogs display a remarkable sense of grandeur. This is evidenced by the fact that poodles have for a long time been featured in circuses around the world to impress the respective audiences. They are also highly sociable and enjoyable companions for indoor and outdoor leisure activities. Poodles are attracted to water pools, which makes them the ideal pet dogs to take along for walks, playing and swimming.

Another adorable poodle trait is that, while indoors, poodles are well-mannered pets and therefore do not require a backyard space for a kennel; one can conveniently share an apartment with a miniature poodle pet. This is especially an essential advantage in modern times as many people today live in cities or settlements where space can be a limitation to keeping outdoor pets.

As discussed herein, miniature poodles are a highly prized breed among the pet lovers. The poodle breeds posses a number of admirable traits which are; intelligence, agility and attractiveness. Not only are they sociable and likeable even to grown children, but they are also an ideal choice for pet lovers with space limitations. Lastly, due to their convenient size, miniature poodles can be comfortably tagged along almost everywhere, whether for exercises, play or travel. Miniature poodles are indeed the best pets.

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