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English Colonization in North America


The English colonization of North America started in 1607 when the British landed in Jamestown Virginia and started the first colonial town. However, the colonizers were not ready for the situation that awaited them on the ground in terms of their interactions with the natives. They had not anticipated the level of resistance, which they faced, in trying to establish their rule in the new colony. One of the key challenges was that the natives were organized into warrior groups and did not accept the rule of the colonial masters easily. The colonialists had to fight many battles before they were able to establish their rule.

The beginning of English colonization

The English saw the Americas as a place that could provide a market for products made in England and also as a source of raw materials for companies located in England. The English also considered North America as a continent where they could establish their power and use a settlement for people from England. These were the key motivators, which brought the English to North America whereby most of the first colonizers came to the continent to settle and possible engage in trading activities with the locals. However, the English were totally unprepared for the situation that awaited them on the ground. Firstly, they quickly realized that the native tribes were warriors and would not willingly surrender themselves to English rule. This led to extremely brutal wars between the natives and the colonizers with heavy casualties on both sides of the war. The wars drastically impacted the colonizers who had to request for reinforcements from the mother country in order to continue their occupation of North America. However, the war was not the only challenge that the colonizers faced as another major obstacle, which they encountered, were strange diseases that killed many of the colonizers. Since the colonizers were not accustomed to the climate of North America, they succumbed to the diseases in large numbers.

The success of English colonization

The English successful colonized North America, particularly the USA through the use of charter companies, which were private companies that had been granted charters by the King. These companies were funded by private investors who stood to make economic gains through the charters, which allowed them to start and profit from both economic and administrative activities within the colonies. Initially, the colonizers arrived in small numbers and lived on small farms that were self-sufficient through agriculture. Some other settlers also practiced fishing, and most settlers conducted trade in furs and hides. Most charter companies finally gave up their charters to the settlers as the colonies took a long time before becoming profitable. By granting their charters to the settlers, the companies basically allowed the settlers to build their own countries through establishing administrative systems in their areas of settlement. These charters are what sowed the seeds of independence among the settlers in later years. As the colonies kept growing with the arrival of more settlers, other supportive industries started. These industries included businesses such as sawmills, and shipyards. There was also trade in rice tobacco and indigo exports. The colonies kept growing stronger economically and militarily with the arrival of more settlers.


Finally, the colonies grew into self-sustaining economic and administrative units, which led to disagreements with England over issuing regarding taxation and more self-government. Shortly thereafter, the colonies felt that they needed full self-government, which for them meant they had to be independent of Britain.

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