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Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Write An Essay About Yourself

Being assigned to write about yourself sounds like the easiest task until you start trying to put your thoughts into words, and you realize you don’t know where to start. Below are tips on how to arrange your traits before you start writing.

  • Outline: This is something that needs to be done on any topic whatsoever. Especially one about something, or, in this case, someone, so specific. The outline should comprise positive and negative personality traits, your taste in different aspects such as books and music, as well as some points of view you that really matter to you; be those political, philosophical, etc.
  • Introduction: Absolutely avoid starting your essay with an overused announcement about what you will be writing about. “In this essay, I will be depicting...” Be descriptive; show instead of throwing your depiction in the reader’s faces.
  • Narrative: If your teacher was not specific in what sort of essay you should be writing, try a narrative. It would be ideal because it’s probably the least boring way of writing about yourself.
  • How to introduce your traits: If you choose to write a narrative, you should just write a story where you show others your interests. “The sweet scent of mom’s apple pie is tickling my nostrils” sounds a lot better than “I like the pie mom makes. It smells really neat.” All you will be doing is placing your personality traits in a narrative context.
  • Draft: You should begin writing after you’ve created your outline. In the first blueprint, you will not stop and edit as you write. Did you write something that sounds informal? Leave it there. If you stop and fix mistakes as you go, your string of thought may snap.
  • Editing: Do not even think about turning your homework in once you’re done. You need to revise twice. One time to correct dramatic mistakes, and the second one to go over middle-school sounding sentences and try to make them sound more sophisticated using a thesaurus dictionary or so.
  • Paragraphs: Coherent ideas should go together in one paragraph, bearing in mind that the paragraphs of the entire piece should be somewhat equal in length. Somewhat; as in, one shouldn’t be 100 words with the next being 700.

We hope this was a helpful guide to you. Remember to have fun and don’t be afraid to be honest when introducing yourself to your teacher.

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