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Writing A Book Review: Stating The Theme Of A Book

Books reviews are one of those writing assignments students either love or hate. Generally this assignment is given in high school and not so much in college and is used to teach students how to review, critically think about, analyze, and present information. A book report is designed to help students practice the writing skills that will be needed in their future academic careers. That is the premise behind the book report as it is used as part of academic writing and curriculum.

Stating the Theme

Stating the overall theme of the book is one of the primary elements to the best book reports. There is a certain theme that the author addresses throughout the book and as the writer or the report, your job is to present the theme of the story and address the reasons why it was written. Some books tackle complicated themes such as human nature or religion. There are stories that look at society and social norms. Some stories question the traditions of culture and try to address questions regarding family, psychology, and history. Each theme will need a different approach when you come to the point of writing the book report.

Determining Author’s Theme

Authors can have any number or themes in their writing depending on the topic they are covering and the audience they are writing to. Few people do not think about themes as much as they should, but it is more than just the topic of the book. Theme applies to the way something is written and not just what is being written. Certain audience types need the material presented in a certain way for them to be able to relate to it, comprehend it, and apply it effectively. For example, medical audiences need something written in a very high end, academic, and resourceful manner. There will be a lot of jargon and medical terminology used so that the overall theme of the paper can be conveyed. If the book review needs to be geared more towards the academic side of things, then the theme will reflect that goal.

These are the basics you need to keep in mind when you write your book report and want to ensure you convey the theme of the book in an effective way. Book reports are very common in high school English cases and are routine assignments that are given to students.

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