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Does College Education Have Value?

College used to be only for the elites and rich, but the tides have turned into allowing anyone to receive a quality education sometimes at low cost. While most Baby Boomers were considered overly qualified as a shoe in for a job if they had their high school diploma, let alone a college one, most job fields now require at least a Master’s degree to remain competitive for a job offer. Although college offers an education from some highly qualified instructors, it is not the end all be all for a job career.

The value of a college education however is unmatched. While many consider college as a Ponzi scheme as a way for wealthy owners to receive continuous endowments, the names of that paper diploma matter. When applying for a job and someone sees that a person has a diploma from the Ivy Leagues such as Princeton, Harvard or Yale; large universities such as Clemson, Oklahoma State or Oregon, they are much more inclined to receive the job offer than someone with an online degree from some paper mill school such as South University or some other online for profit school. The higher a degree someone has however, the more potential earnings they will have across their lifetime. These earnings are well into the millions of dollars as well as reported by many economic research centers.

Education should not be solely relied on by a college education however. Knowledge comes from everyday life experiences such as learning how to treat another person with respect and dignity or sitting down with your family at dinner and watch shows such as Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune. If someone cannot truly afford a college education, the option to attend massive online open classes now exist where professors around the world voice record their syllabus allowing anyone from any walk of life to follow along in topics from meteorology to zoology with a dash of international affairs in between.

The internet allows for a young person to learn anything that has ever happened on the face of the planet to do so at a simple mouse click away. The value of education is not only important for a person’s wallet and bank statement but for their own personal development as a human being. Money cannot be taken to the grave, but a series of good deeds and a hard work ethic can.

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