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American Revolution

The United States is one of the oldest nations of the world that is now more than 200 years old. It was founded in one of the challenging times in history were the Great Britain was apparently the greatest force of military of those days. The US independence was achieved in what is commonly known as the American Revolution that took place between 1775 and 1783. It is also referred to as American Revolutionary War and the United States’ War of Independence. It is a conflict that emanated from the increasing tensions between the residents of Great Britain’s 13 North colonies in America and the colonial government that were a representative of the British crown. The issues experienced between the colonial militiamen and British troops in Concord and Lexington in April, 1775 started off the conflicts in combat form and after the summer, the rebels engaged in a full-scale combat for their independence. It was a very important period in the founding of the American nation and in the establishment of structures to support its establishment.

American war of independence was a revolutionary moment that brought up a lot of changes. France got into the American Revolution on part of the colonists back in 1778, changing what had initially been a civil war into a global conflict. Following French assistance on the Continental Army force, the Americans had successfully gotten their independence in 1781. However, the fighting continued towards the end of 1783.

This was a political upheaval where these rebel colonists amongst the 13 American colonies did not show support aristocracy and monarchy government structure proposed by the British people. This saw the Great Britain authority being overthrown and later on led to the foundation of the United States of America. It was a war in search for independence through the American colonies against these political ideas and international revolutions that were influenced by the Britain as a fledging, mainly disconnected country got its freedom from the biggest military force during that time.

American Revolution is a very important period that saw the realization of the United States independence. It was indeed a war of independence which became a global affair after the French came in. It was a very defining moment that gave the United States resounding success. It was the start of momentous changes in a country that has been the center of interest and a super power for many years now.

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