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Providing real-life examples in your personal essay

There’s no better way to explain something than by using examples. When people relate what you’re saying to them with something they are already familiar with, a much clearer picture can be obtained. Using a real life person to make your personal essay clearer can be tricky if you overdo it. You want the reader to focus on you and use the real life example as a type of support system for what you want to convey.

Let’s look at two aspects: The purpose of using a real life example in your essay, and the technique that should be implemented when doing so. These two factors will give you some insight as to why and how a real-life example can be used to depict you better.

The purpose

Breathing life into your personal essay

Depicting another person to highlight your own character brings a very interesting angle to your personal angle. You’re essentially telling the reader that this person and yourself have some kind of a connection. Elaborating well on this connection is what providing a real-life example is all about.

Depicting your aspirations

Hailing someone as your role model in a personal essay is a nice way to show your professor what you aspire to be like. If you admire someone, give reasons for that admiration. Make it about you; your aspirations and your attempts to reach the same heights as the person you look up to.

The technique

How much is too much

It’s easy to get carried away with too much content on the real-life example you’ve used. You should always be the main character in your personal essay. Your likeness, personality and aspirations must dominate the pages at every point. If you’re using someone else as a supporting character, don’t let their presence overshadow yours.

Complimenting the “person” in personal essay

The real-life example you use is there to make the reader see you more clearly. Failure to use the person in this way will dampen the tone of your essay and confuse the reader. Keep clear sight of your objective and with every sentence regarding your example you write about, relate it back to yourself.

Understanding these principals will ultimately change the way you perceive a personal essay. Choose wisely when endeavouring to express yourself via another person.

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