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Our main goal is to help you understand how a college essay is written, what is consists of and how to conduct a research for it.

Though we cannot write your essay for you, we will supply you with the necessary knowledge and skills for you to do it yourself.

Guidelines on how to use an essay sample for crafting yours

First of all, using an essay sample does not mean to just grab the sample and look at it and copy what it has. You will do one of two things; end up with a plagiarized essay, or not understand what is going on. Either way you’ll get a bad grade. Samples are put there for one reason, to help.

  1. Read instructions
  2. Read through essay looking for points
  3. Learn from both
  4. Utilize what you learned

Read Instructions

Before you ever start anything always read the instructions. This is especially true when you have a sample to go with them. The sample is going to be hard to extract anything from. With the instructions you can then see what is being said, and how the work is designed. Plus the instructions will usually show about other types or point you in the right direction. Remember there are always different types of essays. The further you go, the more complex you will have to work with.

Look for points

The next step is to read through the essay they give you as an example. Remember what the instructions said, and look for those points. Your instructions will talk about the three sections of the essay, unless you are doing a more advanced form. Look for these points.

  • a) How is the Essay written
  • b) How are the sections done
  • c) How are the points used
  • d) How does it all work together

These are the four “Hows”. By learning these you will be able to write many forms of essays.

The points you will be looking for are divided into each section. They are how the section is constructed. The sections are how the essay is constructed. So they do all tie in together.

Learn from Both

Learn from both the instructions and the Sample essay. The instructions are to tell you how to write the essay, the sample is how to use the instructions. By learning from both, you will write a better piece, and get better grades.

Utilize what you learned

By using what you learned, your essay will be much more solid, and defined. When someone reads it, they will understand you better, and they will want to read it. And wanting to read your essay is what will get you the grades you want. If an instructor/Professor finds your essay a chore to read, they will not look at it in a good way. You do not want that.

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