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Academic Paper Writing Planning and Organization

Academic paper writing should be a careful procedure that involves a lot of planning, careful execution and thorough proofreading. Most of the time in academic paper writing, there are instructions to be followed and questions that one has to answer. Despite there being set guidelines, the individual and original thoughts of the writer should manifest clearly in the writing. Below are some of the points to consider when planning and writing an academic paper.


Choosing the topic and title

The first step in planning is choosing the topic. In some cases topics are already chosen while in others one is given a wide range of topics to choose from. Whatever the case, the topic that the writer chooses should be of interest to the audience. This is the part of the writing process that the writer chooses the title of their academic paper. The title should be captivating and have some element of controversy or suspense in it such that the reader will want to delve into the paper to find out more about the topic.

Choosing the theme

The theme is the way the paper is presented and what factors about the topic the writer will want to emphasize to pass their message across. If the writer is writing about a topic that has been widely discussed, then they will want to make sure that their presentation and ideas are unique. First, the writer has to decide what type of academic paper they want to write, whether it is an essay, research paper, thesis or dissertation. Then they need to consider their intended audience. They should strike the perfect balance between being interesting and reasonable, keep their audience hooked without offending them.

Actual writing

After settling on the paper, the writer should research on the topic, and break their paper down to the small sections required, like the introduction, body and conclusion. They should write a rough draft and compare it with the initial objectives of the paper and the guidelines they set for themselves. They should determine whether the paper answers the initial questions presented and whether it is politically correct in the eyes of their audience.


After the rough draft, they should proofread the paper to weed out grammatical and structural mistakes. It is advisable at this point to go through the paper in consultation with an independent set of eyes, like the teacher or an older or more experienced student. If everything is in order, then the student compiles a finished copy and hands it in.

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