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“Environmental Development in Guatemala”

Guatemala is largely saturated with natural resources and these resources play a vital role in overall development of the place for their food, employment, business and subsistence. Guatemala is amongst the most ecologically diverse nations on the planet. It includes 14 diverse eco-regions and is full of not only different natural resources, but also cultural diversity. Though this city is quite rich with the natural perspective but the breathing environmental issues like environmental loss, deforestation, excessive waste of natural resources, increasing level of global warming, pollution, industrialization and ecological blemish have affected the growth of this place in different perspective. It is estimated that approx 4 million hectares of forest areas have been found in Guatemala in which 70% is located within naturally protected territories such as the Maya Biosphere Reserve (MBR) in Petén.

To deal with such existing environmental threats, USAID/Guatemala has prepared its development objectives under the program named Country Development and Cooperation Strategy (CDCS). It is focused on the management of natural resources to alleviate the dread full impacts of exiting climate change which was affecting the growth of Guatemala. They strived for 3 key aspects for intercession:

  1. involvement of market-driven protection and management skills,
  2. decreasing the vulnerability towards the weather changes;
  3. reinforcing the ecological governance in Guatemala. Cross-cutting concept also comes under this which focuses on gender and home-grown number of inhabitants.


Due to the prominence of Guatemala’s biodiversity, USAID actions have put their focus on biodiversity preservation and mentoring to preserve biodiversity in the entire territory and more particularly the MBR and SMBR areas. USAID has invested $25 million for the climate change prevention program.

Sustainable Landscapes

Sustainable landscape’s main goal is to reduce, stumbling and reversing emissions from. Decreasing the level of emissions through deforestation is considered to be a potential cost-effective way of lessening the degree of atmospheric greenhouse gasses which brings climate change.

Lake Atitlan

Guatemala is also working to improve the water quality and watershed health in Lake Atitlan. Enhancing development in the Atitlan’s water quality with indefensible watershed practices has brought an enhancement in farming and urban runoff and it had also changed the floral and faunal composition of the lake. $1.25 million has been invested for this plan which was designed for 2013-2014.


Actions under USAID/Guatemala have enhanced approximate $8.9 million in profits with the sale of certified forest products. Implementation of different activities previously discussed has strengthened the ecological resources and enhanced its working efficiency to produce more natural resources that can be helpful in the development and growth of Guatemala in both perspectives financial and ecological and this plan will be more successful in the future. It has been mentioned in a report that approximately 670,743 hectares for timber and non-timber forest goods were sheltered with the help of natural resources management which was proposed by USAID/Guatemala. This plan is also designed for future and it will make this place more powerful in terms of environmental aspects.

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