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Writing An Opening Sentence For A Comparative Essay

It is said that the first impression serves as the best impression and has a lasting effect too. This justifies the fact that the opening sentence of a comparative essay is important. It will act as the pillar for the rest of the write-up.

You need to have a great hold on your topic to give it a great start. In case of a comparative essay, you need to know in depth about the similarities, differences, advantages and disadvantages between the subjects you are going to compare. It is advisable to create an outline first of the points you want to consider to be part of your opening line.

Some of the points you must take note of to grab your reader’s attention at the beginning are as follows:

  • You can start with a historical review of the subjects of comparison. It will help the readers to get a view of what is coming up for them.
  • It might sometimes be difficult to get a head start. Don’t worry. There are enormous quotes or anecdotes to refer to. You can pick up one that stands most suitable to your topic. Follow it immediately with proper justification though.
  • A good technique is to take your target audience totally by surprise at the start. You can begin with something very positive or something equally shocking.
  • Another option you can follow is to attack right from the word ‘go’. Pick up each of your subjects of comparison and clearly explain why you have chosen them for comparison.
  • You need to understand that most essays of this genre bring either one of the comparative subjects into sharp focus. Hence, you need to choose your topic well.
  • It is a good habit to keep a few questions in your mind which you can use to backtrack whether you are going to the right track. These can be, what you would be talking about, how do they fall into regions of comparison, which side would you ultimately be justifying, why have you chosen them to be part of your essay.
  • Don’t forget to revise what you have written. Since you got to know the importance of this starter, you must give adequate effort to make it the best. Once you know you are satisfied with what you have written, be assured that part of your hard work is done.

The end point is that you should be clear and specific right from the start. Remember to begin with something that would make things easier for you later on.

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