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Step-By-Step Instructions For Writing A Critical Analysis Essay

A critical analysis essay is often used when writing for literature, or other similar subjects. Essentially, you will analyse a specific topic, providing criticisms where necessary.

In order to have a better understanding of how to complete this form of academic paper, the following step-by-step instructions should guide you through the writing process.

Getting started

To begin with, you will need to pick a relevant topic. If you have been assigned a topic to write about, then you obviously will not need to bother with this step. However, if you haven’t been assigned a topic then you will need to choose one that will be suitable for this style of academic paper. A good idea for getting extra inspiration is to look at past papers, many of which can be downloaded online.

The next thing to do is to create an essay plan. Your essay plan will be incredibly useful for you during the rest of the writing process, and will include details of any sections that you need to write, as well as potentially listing any research materials and resources that you might need to use. Furthermore, your plan will include a timeframe, that should be based on realistic timings as to when you will do each task required to write the work.

Writing the work

With a plan in place, you should have a good understanding of what sections you need to write when you will produce the paper. Essentially, the sections that you will be required to write will very much depend upon the style of academic paper that you are producing. For example, a five paragraph essay will simply require an introduction, a body section, and a conclusion; whereas, a dissertation will require several other sections.

Of course, before you can start writing anything, you will need to carry out any necessary research in order to understand the topic that you will be analysing and critiquing. For example, if it is a piece of literature that your paper will be based on then you will need to read that piece of literature, making any necessary notes of any points that you wish to refer to in your paper.

Finalising what you have written

Once you have written your final draft, and you are happy with the criticisms that you have made, you will need to check over the work to ensure that it is accurate, and does not contain any spelling or grammatical errors.

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