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The Women's Liberation Movement

The struggle for women to have equality in the social, economic and political field has been on for a long time now. A lot has been achieved, but the struggle is far from being over. In the past, women were treated as men’s objects. They were supposed to be submissive and obedient to men. Things were bad to an extent that marriages would be planned and without the woman’s knowledge. They were however required to obey their husbands and treat them with respect. Women were married off at very tender ages and were not given any chance to choose or have even slight decisions in their lives.

The Work of Women

Several waves of women liberation have taken place. These waves have led to women being given fair treatment in the workplaces. In the past women were not allowed to do any work apart from the home chores. Their main task was to bear and bring up children. They were also required to treat husband in the best way and make sure that they were okay. A lady was recognized by how well she maintained her family. During the Second World War, women got a chance to fill up workspaces. They were allowed to work in the factories, on farms and had helping positions in the Red Cross. Women were for the very first time allowed to serve in the military. After the war had ended, women were snatched their positions. They were forced go back to being housewives. How women were treated was worse than the discrimination of race, religion or even class was at that time. Women did not have a right to control even what appertained to their own body. For instance, they were not allowed to use female contraceptives to control their reproduction health. In the year 1960, things started happening. Women started bring involved in movements fighting for their rights. Books like The Second Sex that were against women being seen as something else that is not equal to men were published.

Things looking brighter

A few leaders started to see the cry of women and legislations that allowed for equal rights of women began. Several governments allowed for views and opinions of how to make women equal to men. These opinions were welcome through commissions that were created to examine the state of women and find ways to make them better. Through movements to liberate women, they received the chance to vote, own property and be involved in gainful employment.

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