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Writing an elaborate Essay Body Part

The body part of your essay will hold the most information and hold the true meaning to your essay. The majority of your essay will be taken up by body paragraphs that will lead your reader to believe you know what you are writing about. The best way to convince them of it is to have elaborate and eloquently written body paragraphs. If the essay has to be a certain amount of pages anticipate that your body part will take up all the pages except for 1, which will be taken by the introduction and conclusion. The following are features that should be taken care of with special detail and attention to have the elaborate and well written body part that your essay needs.

Transition Sentence

Each body paragraph in the body part needs a transition sentence. The point of the sentence is to let your reader take a breather or relaxer, before reading the next content filled paragraph. This sentence should link what they just read to what they are about to read, like a yield sign.

Topic Sentence

This is when you start to be elaborate and explain what exactly you will be discussing or claiming in your paragraph. The former sentence told them how it would connect, this sentence should be clear as to what you are explaining and what the reader should expect to be accepting from your thoughts and ideas.

Evidence /Examples

This part of all your body paragraphs should surpass the amount of time and sentences it takes to write the other sentences. Your evidence and example sentences are vital to proving to your reader that you are knowledgeable in your claim and have thoroughly researched or found examples to prove your claims are correct.


Every paragraph in your body part should be able to unify to make one grander argument or claim. If not, edit them to make more sense and have better flow with each other. They should all connect with intertwining ideas or claims.

Proper Grammar

If there any grammar mistakes in your body part, your essay will lose substance and the claims you have worked hard to prove will lose strength. Check your entire essay, especially the body part for punctuation, capitalization, grammar, run on sentences, and spelling mistakes.

With all these features in your body part, you will have an elaborate body which leads to an overall strong essay.

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