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Seven Main Features Of An Informative Essay: A Simple Tutorial

An informative essay is exactly what it says it is. It is an essay that informs or educates someone on a certain topic. This type of essay should be written about something you feel you are an expert at because if you are going to teach someone else something, you should know what you are talking about. Here are 7 main features of an informative essay:

  1. Choose a topic – You need to make sure the topic is appropriate for whatever course you are writing it for and also something that your audience will find interesting. Most importantly, the essay must be something you are passionate about. The best essays written are about something the author loves.
  2. Research exhaustively – Make sure you use reputable sources such as encyclopedias and journals. If you use the internet, you must use sites that are factual such as government site or sites from colleges.
  3. Keep track of your sources so you can back your facts – Since your essay should be chuck full of facts, you need to substantiate these facts by keeping track of their sources. You must know where you got the information from so you have to keep excellent notes.
  4. Create an outline – This is going to be the roadmap that you write your rough draft from. Make sure your outline has the components of your essay.
    • The introduction – This should state your thesis statement as well as a “hook” sentence which is a sentence that will draw your audience into the essay and want them to continue reading
    • The body – This can be anywhere from 3-5 paragraphs and each paragraph should be a line on your outline. Each paragraph is one statement or proof to substantiate your thesis statement. Make sure you have a couple of sentences of details for each paragraph.
    • The conclusion – This should restate your thesis statement and briefly explain the statements you used to substantiate as well as one more sentence that challenges the audience in some way
  5. Write a rough draft – Just follow your map of the outline and fill in the blanks
  6. Have someone else read your essay and give advice about any changes.
  7. Make edits and create your final draft

If you follow these seven main steps, you will create an excellent essay and be proud to hand it into your professor.

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