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How to Teach Students to Write an Excellent Academic Essay

Writing a literature piece requires many of the same writing skills as any other academic paper. Your structure remains much the same in that it has an introduction and a body followed by a conclusion. When writing your paper follow these tips in order to produce a high quality piece of writing:

Introduction: Be very brief and give some excellent suggestions on the direction that you want to take in your essay. Briefly talk about which parts of the book that you plan on writing about.

Paragraphing: In your specific plan, you should do the best to identify about 6 points of the case that you want to present. Also, to be included are the particular components of your text that you intend to examine in details. In the essay, you should dedicate at least one or two paragraphs to each of these points. You should provide smooth and quality links between the paragraphs.

Evidence: In an essay, you must prove whatever point that you make. Writing a solid essay could be viewed in the same way as a lawyer who must argue and produce evidence to all comments that are made. You should have quality references to all points that you make. If you directly get information from an author, provide a quote to show this.

Quotes: You should lay quotes in the best way. All quotes should be introduced with a colon. Quotation marks should be used. If you use single quotes, the whole essay should have the single quotes. The same is true when you use the double quotes. It is however important to note that quotes must be used sparingly. They should not be used more than 4 times in the essay.

Conclusion: Finally, try as much as you can to draw all the components of the points together. All the questions should be answered solidly in this section. A way forward should also be indicated.

Novel essay

A novel essay will be geared towards things such as the theme and the plot, as well as the setting and the characters of an essay. These should not follow one another in a mediocre manner. The order should depend on the question that is being addressed. For instance, if the question is about the setting, you should discuss it in the introduction and then discuss it in the following paragraphs how the characters contribute to the novel.

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