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Writing Solutions: a Good Way to End a Problem Solution Essay

What is a problem solution essay? It’s a paper, in which you convince readers that you really know how to solve this or that problem. Your main goal is to introduce a certain problem, explain how it’s being solved, what you offer for more effect, and why it should work. It’s very important to organize the paper correctly to give all our thoughts and ideas a logical structure.

So, what should you keep in mind while writing a problem solution essay?

  1. Introduce the problem to the audience, keeping in mind specific features of the audience (age, profession, social status, etc.).
  2. Explain why the problem needs a solution, more effective one than the solutions that already exist.
  3. Explain your own ideas and their advantages.
  4. Come to expected conclusions that logically come out of the introduction.

Conclusions are a very important part of the essay because in this part you are supposed to tell everything about the advantages of the solutions that you offer. So, you need to give a lot of attention to the ending part of your essay to make it a success.

If you are speaking about a particular solution that you offer, you can try some comparison. Research the effect of the usual solution that is offered at the moment. Build up a possible picture of what’s going to happen in case the regular solution is applied. Then, do the same for the things that you offer. Be very careful to give attention to both positive and negative sides of the solution, and make sure that what you prove by this comparison is really for the benefit of your idea.

It’s much better if you have practical results of your solution application to a real-life situation. Of course, depending on the topic, it’s not always possible, but if you are speaking about, say, how to fight lying in young children, it makes sense to do some researching on your younger siblings or other relatives.

Apart from speaking about advantages that your solution can offer, give attention to defying opposite opinions. You need to think about the opposite point of view and arguments that you can use to prove that this point of view is incompetent. The representation of your own solution will look much more trustworthy if you think about the opposite ideas in advance and give them attention in the essay before these ideas occur to the readers.

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