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10 more Russian artillery systems destroyed by Ukraine in latest combat losses

Another 10 Russian artillery systems destroyed by Ukraine in latest combat losses. Image: Ukrainian Defense Ministry/Facebook

On Tuesday, September 20, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense released updated figures on combat casualties inflicted on Russian forces since the start of the war, including the destruction of other Russian artillery systems.

Ten more Russian artillery systems were destroyed by Ukrainian forces on Monday, September 19, according to Ukraine’s military update on Russia’s combat casualties since February 24.

About 160 more Russian soldiers were killed by Ukrainian forces, bringing the number of Russian soldiers who lost their lives in combat in the conflict to around 54,810, according to Ukraine’s defense ministry.

Four Russian armored personnel carriers (APC) were destroyed along with four other Russian tanks.

The other significant increase in numbers is the loss of five Russian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), bringing the number of vehicles destroyed by the Ukrainian military to 925.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine revealed that Putin’s army suffered the greatest losses on Monday, September 19 in the Bakhmut and Donetsk directions.

A detailed analysis of the war also shows that the loss of the Russian forces’ 10 artillery systems now means that Ukraine has destroyed 1,323, while the destruction of four more Russian APCs now means that Putin’s army has them. lost 4724 in total.

The destruction of four more tanks means Russia has now lost 2,216 in Ukraine since the start of the war and the destruction of six more Russian vehicles and fuel tanks brings the total to 3,587.

One Russian plane was destroyed, bringing the number of casualties by Putin’s forces to 252, while the destruction of six Russian MLRS means Russia has lost 217 in total since the country invaded Ukraine.

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