Artillery vehicle

Argentina deploys 900 soldiers, 60 artillery pieces and 80 vehicles in exercise Salinas XI

The ace Argentine Armed Forces Execution of artillery and fire support exercises Salinas XI From August 28 to September 2 in a military training camp located in Salinas del Bebedero, province of San Luis. for the development of the formation, in which were present infodefense.comAbout 900 soldiers, 60 gunners and 80 vehicles were mobilized.

exercise, originally considered the activity of artillery school of armyIt had the participation of representatives from Brazil and Ecuador and aimed to develop the tactical and technical skills of officers and non-commissioned officers by developing regular and complementary courses, as well as the use of various technical subsystems that help to fire support. to contribute.

Among the activities, a shooting and target acquisition course was carried out using Field Artillery Automated Firing System (SATAC) and long-range precision aiming practice.

Among the units raised, it was possible to see that one VCA Palmeria 155mmcannons Quote 155mm, Auto Melara 105 mm heavy mortar, 120 mm, a multiple rocket launcher CP-30rocket launcher slam pampero 105 mm caliber, anti-aircraft artillery pieces Orlikon SFM 35mmhelicopter Bell UH-1H Huey/Huey II artillery and Augustus Bell 206B1and trucks oshkosho FM TV 6×6

official visit

“Seeing such a great and professional training fills us with optimism, because here we see a lot of training, sacrifice, involving new tools and competition from a development perspective that is both scientific and practical,” said the Minister of Defense, George Taina, ending your deployment. journey. And he added: “We have the confidence and the conviction that we will train the armed forces to protect the well-being, the land and the wealth of Argentina”.

For his part, the Chief of the Defense Staff, Major General Guillaume Olegario PeredaCalled on soldiers to continue operating in this manner in an attempt to reach ‘pre-pandemic training levels’.

Minister Tayna during his visit to Salinas XI. Photo: Gonzalo Marie

The Air Chief of Staff, Brigadier General, was also present. Xavier Julian Isaacsnavy, admiral Jules Horace Gardeleader, Hector Mazek and president of Scientific and Technical Research Institute for Defense (Citedef), Pablo Bolcatto.

technological advances

In turn, a technical square was created, in which public and private organizations involved in research and development participated, presenting projects and advances in their respective fields.

Among the technological advances presented, the system satakijointly designed and developed by sitedef and the Argentine army, which allows the acquisition of autonomy and independence in armament to carry out technical shooting tactical operations; Developed by Fuse Grader Army Engineering Faculty, SITIA (Integrated Strategic Command and Control System developed by the Argentine Army) for fire support as a tool available to decision makers at digital speed; And that SIPAK (Unified Field Artillery Autonomous Targeting System)Thus, fire hydrants can be detected in dispersed, safe and concealed conditions to ensure their survival.

For its part, the Cizedef also presented its project vmcomp (Vector of Composite Materials), intended to obtain tubes made of composite materials (fiber and resin) for use as rocket engines. ultimately, Invapi Demonstration of a passive detection radar system and preview of a new medium range radar designed for the operational needs of the army.