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Armenian artillery fires at the Azerbaijani position in Kalbajar, Lachin, Dashkasan

By Vugar Khalilov

Azerbaijani military positions come under Armenian artillery fire in Kalbajar near the state border, Azernews reports, citing the Defense Ministry.

The positions of the Azerbaijani army in the villages of Zaylik, Yellija and Yuxari Ayrim of Kalbajar are fired from the positions of the Armenian armed forces in the direction of Yukhari Shorja, Ashagi Shorja and Zarkand of the Basarkechar region with D-30 guns and D-20, according to the department said.

Despite calls from the international community and the ceasefire agreement, aggressions and provocations by Armenian military forces, using artillery and other heavy weapons, continue along the border regions.

“We reiterate that Armenia’s military and political leadership are solely responsible for the escalation of the situation,” the ministry said.

The Azerbaijani army executes local countermeasures only against enemy firing points that are considered legitimate military targets. Armenia should avoid provocative measures and stick to the ceasefire agreement, the ministry stressed.

Armenian armed forces continue to fire on Azerbaijani army positions located in Kalbajar, Lachin and Dashkasan districts, using D-30, D-20 guns and 82mm mortars, the ministry said in a statement. separate report.

“Retaliatory measures are taken by our units and enemy firing posts are destroyed. Operational conditions are under the control of our army,” the ministry added.

Reports in Armenian media alleging that Azerbaijani army forces shelled residential buildings are far from accurate, the ministry said in a separate report.

“This is regular false information disseminated by Armenia. We once again state that Azerbaijani army units do not target civilian infrastructure,” he added.

Another provocation against Azerbaijan cost Armenia’s military-political leadership dearly.

As a result of the measures of the Azerbaijani army against the Armenian provocation on the night of September 12, all military installations created by the Armenian armed forces in the directions of Lachin, Kalbajar and Zangilan which posed a danger to the security of the Azerbaijan were destroyed.

Armenia will need four to five years to repair these military facilities.

In addition, Azerbaijan took control of the entire transport and communication system, as well as significant heights in the region. The Armenian army lost around 200 soldiers in the last conflict. A significant amount of Armenian military equipment, including two S-300 missile systems worth over $1 billion, as well as other military structures and dozens of positions, was also destroyed.

Armenian soldiers deserted their stations in fear. Although the Armenian administration remains silent on this subject for fear of repercussions from society, Armenia suffered far more casualties than Azerbaijan, with hundreds injured. The Azerbaijani Armed Forces dealt such a crushing blow to the military-political leadership of Armenia that it would take a long time to recover.

All in all, based on recent statements and military rhetoric of the Armenian government towards Azerbaijan, it was obvious that Armenia’s humiliating defeat in the Second Karabakh War had not served lesson for the country.

Armenia’s conduct implied that it was preparing for retaliation, an attack on Azerbaijan and the start of hostilities. With its deadly retaliatory strikes, the triumphant Azerbaijani army taught Armenia a lesson it will never forget.

The remarkable seven-hour military strike carried out by the Azerbaijani army was successful and effective in eliminating any intention of Armenian provocation against Azerbaijan.

Armenia has learned a lesson that will prevent it from posing a major threat to Azerbaijan in the future. Armenia must recognize that preparing a provocation against Azerbaijan based on foreign force is no longer a viable option.

Azerbaijan adopted measures to protect its borders in accordance with international law, and these measures were not aimed at the Armenian people or civilian infrastructure.

Azerbaijan demonstrated its combat prowess and combat readiness to both the enemy and its sponsors by carrying out a successful military operation. The Azerbaijani army has once again proclaimed to the world that it is always ready to respond effectively to any provocation by the enemy.

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