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Army seeks artillery guns for use along LAC – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

NEW DELHI: The Indian army should strengthen its firepower along its northern borders with China. The authorities have issued a Request for Information (RFI) to procure 105mm/37 caliber Mounted Gun Systems. mounted for better firing and moving capability for operations in the mountains.

“The proposed mounted gun system will be used in the mountains and high altitude areas along the northern borders of the country for the execution of artillery tasks,” RFI said. Given the terrain and altitude, it is difficult to mobilize heavy weapons, but the system mentioned above will help solve this problem.

“These guns will have smaller barrels which can reduce the range which, in case of mountains, will be enough to reach between 25 and 30 km because the atmosphere is rarefied,” said Lieutenant General (Retired) VK Chaturvedi. “Also, due to mobility, these will be mounted on vehicles that can be moved to otherwise difficult positions. Also, the system will be comparatively safer from enemy counter-bombardment,” added Lieutenant General Chaturvedi, a former artillery officer.

Apart from its long-range artillery systems like the Bofors, the Indian Army also uses lightweight howitzers that can be moved quickly. The military also uses towed gun systems which are bulky and difficult to move. India and China are embroiled in a protracted standoff along the LAC in eastern Ladakh that began in May 2020. Although troop disengagement from some areas has taken place, it still persists in Hot Spring, Depsang and Demchok.

According to the RFI, the gun system should be capable of firing all munitions in service at the time of testing and also have the ability to operate on existing roads and tracks in mountains and high altitude areas. In addition to indirect target engagement, the gun system should have the capability to engage targets by direct fire or direct and indirect fire day or night. The system must also have a built-in test function to support fault finding.