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Army seeks to improve artillery ammunition handling for rapid fire and to keep guns in combat

WASHINGTON- The U.S. military is using in-house development and small business ideas to figure out how to fire artillery faster by exploring all facets, from how projectiles are stored to automated reloading. Defense News reports. Continue reading the original article

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Nov 3, 2020 — The Army has implemented three lines of effort to address the entire chain of ammunition handling, loading, and reloading in order to fire faster.

While capabilities learned from these efforts can power current weapons, they will also be incorporated into the extended range cannon artillery system the service plans to provide to the force in 2023.

This program aims to improve the range and lethality of artillery, but will also seek to increase the rate of fire. While the military is busy determining which operational units will receive the new weapon first, officials are also reconfiguring the existing architecture of its original autoloader prototype.

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Military and aerospace electronics