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Artillery shelling of Olenivtsi settlement: Podolyak revealed details and explained why it was an operation planned by the occupiers

Artobstril Russian military colonies in the Olenivtsi Donetsk region – planned information campaign. Part of the captured Ukrainian soldiers were transferred to the barracks in which they were shot, for several days until the crime.

One of the goals of this attack is to cover up evidence of the scale of Russian war crimes and torture.

Mihailo Podoliak, adviser to the head of the president’s office, wrote to the network.

He explained that Russian troops had launched a carefully planned attack on the settlement. After all, there are no operational military targets for the Ukrainian army in Olenivtsi. In addition, the ZSU has all the tools for the exact identification of the objects to be destroyed: shell warehouses, operational-tactical staff, fuel bases.

“The scale and speed of the information campaign by Russian propagandists show that it was a planned and organized action. It is known that some of the defenders captured were transferred to a barracks which was hit, a few days before the crime. A classic, cynical and well-thought-out false flag operation,” said Advisor Goli OP.

Vin explained what he meant by “Olen’s crime”:

– hidden evidence on the scale of Russian war crimes and torture, which is increasing even more;
– zirvati domovlenosti gajai otkasiv polonenimi;
– discredit the ZSU and (in this case) specific models of foreign jet weapons that scare the occupiers.

Podolyak also noted that the precision of the strikes of the Ukrainian troops was caused by numerous fires in Russian warehouses, logistics points, command centers and bridges in the Kherson region. If Ukraine destroys something, it will be automatically confirmed by various repair tools.

“Russian hysterical declarations of preemption, which hit the captured Ukrainian defenders, must create resonance in Ukraine and turn the population of different countries against our armed forces. The motive is understandable. The real deceased persons will be established by Ukrainian intelligence and special services,” the adviser to the presidential government office said.

He also reported that it was a cynical and premeditated mass murder of Ukrainian prisoners being investigated by the Attorney General’s office and international investigative groups.

“We also need an immediate strong response from the UN and other international organizations – Russia should be excluded from all international institutions,” he urged.

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