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Azerbaijani army rocket and artillery units conduct fire drills [VIDEO]

By Vugar Khalilov

Rocket and artillery units of the Azerbaijani army conducted fire drills as part of the annual combat training plan, Azernews reports, citing the Defense Ministry.

According to the ministry, units providing fire support have been moved from their permanent deployment locations to staging areas and assigned firing positions as per the plan.

He added that during the exercises, which took place in environments comparable to real battles, the responsibilities of detecting and destroying imaginary enemy targets with precise fire were fulfilled.

The main objectives of the exercises were to improve the management capabilities of commanders of rocket and artillery units, to increase the knowledge and skills of servicemen, to organize actions during combat operations and to establish interoperability with other types of troops, the ministry stressed.

Azerbaijan regularly undertakes exercises to enhance the combat readiness of its military personnel.

The exercises also aim to enhance combat interaction and coordination of the military during operations, as well as to improve commanders’ skills in military decision-making and unit management.

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