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Azerbaijani Army rocket and artillery units conduct live-fire tactical exercises [VIDEO]

By Vugar Khalilov

Rocket and artillery units of the Azerbaijani army conducted live-fire tactical exercises, reports Azernews, citing the Ministry of Defense.

The drills, which were conducted in accordance with the approved training plan, involved the self-propelled howitzer crews of the Land Forces rocket and artillery units, the report added.

As part of the training plan, the forces providing fire support moved from their usual deployment locations to the assembly point and occupied reserve fires, as well as starting positions, the ministry said.

The military effectively accomplished the tasks of finding and eliminating fictitious enemy targets with precise fire during the drills, which were conducted under realistic combat situations.

The main objective of the exercises was to strengthen the management skills of rocket and artillery units, to improve the planning capabilities of the military during combat operations and to coordinate interoperability with other types of troops.

Azerbaijan periodically holds exercises to improve the combat readiness of its military personnel.

The exercises also aim to improve combat interaction and coordination between the military during operations, as well as to develop commanders’ military decision-making and unit management skills.

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