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Azov special forces artillery destroys the ammunition arsenal

A daily dose of destruction

Our friends from Funker 530 give us a daily dose visual information about the war in Ukraine. Today we are looking at drone footage purporting to show two separate artillery bombardments on Russian targets. The first shot appears to be on target and what appear to be Russian combat vehicles are damaged. Unfortunately, the resolution of these images is not high enough to make an accurate battle damage assessment. The second hit hit a civilian building used to hide and store various types of Russian ammunition. A fire breaks out and large plumes of smoke shoot up into the sky. After the smoke clears, a drone moves in for closer examination.

Author’s note: Images provided to us by The sun via YouTube is the same as that which appears on the funker website. Technical problems prevent us from publishing it here.

The Ukrainian special forces regiment Azov destroys enemy military vehicles and an ammunition depot. Video courtesy of YouTube and The sun.

In the lower right corner of the video, we see the redesigned Azov unit crest. His three swords recall the “Three Swords Monument” in Mariupol. This monument commemorates those of the Azov regiment who died so far in the Ukrainian war against Russia. From his suspended Twitter account, the Ukrainian Wrestling Center calls him “a symbol of military glory and a promise of vengeance on enemies.”

Post courtesy of @UA_struggle via Twitter

No love from Russians

There is no love lost between the Russian government and the Azov regiment. Back in May, The telegraph reported that Russian officials attending peace talks at the time had suggested the death penalty for Azov fighters. Leonid Slutsky, deputy of the State Duma of Russia, told the lower house of the Russian parliament that his nation “you have to think carefully” on capital punishment for members of the regiment.

Why? He explained, “They do not deserve to live after the monstrous crimes against humanity they have committed and are continually committed against our prisoners.” There are videos circulating on social media that claim to show members of the Azov regiment shooting Russian POWs in the legs. This is known as “knee kick” and permanently disables the victim (if they survive it) as the shot comes from the back of the knee and explodes the patella.

Content Disclaimer: The Twitter post below is not safe for work and probably should not be seen by children or anyone with a weak constitution. It shows the real violence of war and possible war crimes. This is why Russian officials are calling for the death of Azov fighters.

NSFW Content – View at your own discretion. Video courtesy of @justgoldsworthy via Twitter

Below, The sun provides more video of the Azov Regiment at work. They are shown in this April 8, 2022, images exiting a Russian BMP. For those of you who aren’t aware, a BMP is a Soviet-designed, amphibious, tracked Russian infantry fighting vehicle. At least that’s what tells us. The new variants are equipped with the AU-220M combat module and a 57 mm gun. The module can carry multiple High Explosive (HE) shells with a maximum effective range of nine miles. Some of their ammunition is capable of piercing the side armor of a main battle tank.

Video content courtesy of Youtube and The sun.

The Azov fighter locates its target (the BMP) at a reasonably close range. He takes aim with his anti-tank weapon, fires and quickly scores a direct hit. Once his bullet hits the target, you can hear him scream, “destroy!” The video here seems to be looping; I don’t believe he fires multiple times at the same target. I specify that he is in the direct line of sight of the BMP, and that could have easily ended his whole day. It was a good shot.

If you want to know more about the Azov Regiment, their website is a great place to do it. They even posted a phone number on it. I wouldn’t call them, though; they’ve been very busy lately. If you are using the Chrome browser, be sure to right click on the page and select “translate in English” if your Ukrainian is a bit rusty.

Barracks and map of Azov
Screenshot taken from the Azov Regiment webpage showing their location in Kyiv and a photo of a barracks bay.

You can even join the regiment from their website. Honestly, I don’t know whether or not they accept applications from foreigners. If you sign up, however, keep in mind that the Russian Supreme Court recently declared the Azov Regiment a terrorist organization. This means that all captured fighters can now be tried as terrorists.