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BAE tests long-range precision guidance kits for 155mm artillery

BAE Systems succeeded tested its Long Range Precision Guidance Kit (LR-PGK) for 155mm artillery projectiles, improving their accuracy through low-cost navigation and guidance technology.

The aerospace company fired the projectiles from the US Army’s extended range cannon artillery at Yuma Proving Ground facilities in Arizona.

BAE said the test highlighted the “structural survivability of the kit airframe under extreme firing conditions”.

“The LR-PGK has demonstrated its ability to help the U.S. military provide accurate fire up to 70 kilometers [43 miles] and achieve mission objectives with fewer shots,” the program director said. James McDonough.

“Adding precision guidance to standard ammunition allows our customers to engage targets with greater efficiency and reduce collateral damage.”

BAE Guide Kits

The guidance kit includes anti-jamming GPS sensors with control planes that allow projectile maneuverability throughout flight.

“Propellant blast, gun barrel pressure and muzzle velocity really tested the resilience of the system,” the company added.

BAE will now focus on long-range guidance, navigation and projectile flight control to enable the kits “to operate at high rotational speeds, in harsh atmospheric conditions and in the presence of enemy signal jamming”.