Artillery types

Biden to send new precision-guided artillery shells to Ukraine

The latest tranche of aid also includes three tactical vehicles, demolition munitions, counter-battery systems and spare parts and other equipment, the official said.

The new ammunition provides a capability similar to the US Army’s M982 Excalibur shells, which provide GPS-guided precision targeting to the M777 howitzers that Washington sent – ​​and which Kyiv is now using against Russian forces. But the official did not confirm that Excalibur is part of the package.

Yet 1,000 is only a fraction of the 36,000 standard shell cartridges the United States sent to Ukraine under the latest aid package. Ukraine typically fires between 5,000 and 6,000 standard howitzer rounds per day, while Russia fires more than twice that.

But the administration hopes the new precision-guided shells will save ammunition as Ukraine fights to retake territory in the eastern Donbass region, the official said.

“This provides Ukraine with a precise capability for specific targets, it will save ammunition, it will be more effective through precision, so this is a further evolution of our support for Ukraine in this battle in Donbass” , the official said. “This type of ammunition will not be used at a rate [thousands] one day.”

Precision munitions are key to avoiding civilian casualties, the senior military official added, noting that by contrast Russia has bombed civilians indiscriminately throughout the conflict.

“If you look at the impact on civilian casualties, the use of precision weapons is so important to protect individuals who have nothing to do with this war,” the official said. “Certainly we see that the Russians, their accuracy is not nearly the same.”