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Bloomberg Evening Briefing: Artillery is the secret to Ukraine’s success against Putin

In the growing mythology of Ukraine’s resistance to Russian invasion forces, light infantry armed only with shoulder-mounted missiles repeatedly bloodied Vladimir Putin’s nose, killing Russians ill-prepared and unmotivated to defend their homes and their families. However, this vision of David and Goliath (much like that of the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan) is only part of the story. As has often been the case in wars like this, it is the artillery that make the difference. And that’s why the United States and other countries place so much emphasis on supplying howitzers to the Ukrainian forces. This traditional firepower, backed by drones that enable precise targeting, will become even more dominant in the next phase of the war, along a Front of more than 300 miles in the Donbass.

Seeking to keep the pressure on Putin, US President Joe Biden is asking Congress for $33 billion in additional aid to Ukraine – and new authorization to sell goods related to Putin’s wealthy friends. In kyiv, Russia allegedly attacked a residential building a few miles from where UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres was visiting sites of civilian massacres attributed to Russian forces. (The Kremlin has denied killing the hundreds of civilians found executed in Bucha and elsewhere.) Moscow has been the bombing of a steelworks in which thousands of Ukrainian civilians and soldiers are sheltering. In the west, following warnings from the United States and kyiv that explosions in the Kremlin-aligned region of Transnistria in Moldova could be false flag events, a Kremlin spokeswoman on Thursday denounced the alleged attacks as “acts of terrorism”.